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Case Studies

TEI Group, New York, NY :

TEI Group generates revenues well above $100M and engaged Maven Group in 2020 to sell a portion of the company to Analogue Holdings Limited, based in HongKong. TEI’s management team relied on Maven’s unique knowledge of the M&A landscape in the elevator trade to ensure a fair valuation as well as a smooth process across two countries and continents.

Elevator Service, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Elevator Service Inc. sold the majority of its asset to a private equity firm in 2019. Maven Group represented the seller from start to finish, marketed the company to various elite investors, and led all parties involved through a very efficient diligence process. Owner Nate McFadden had engaged Maven Group as buy side advisor when he acquired the company in 2017.

Elevator Solutions, Inc., Hagerstown, MD

Elevator Solution closed a “classic deal” with a major international elevator company in 2018. Maven Group ran a comprehensive program from detailed preparation to gathering bids from various interested buyers through the diligence process until closing.

American Elevator, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

American Elevator was sold in 2019. Maven Group represented the seller and found a unique buyer outside of the “majors” or private equity firms. Throughout the sales process, Maven Group helped both sides reach a true win-win situation for both sides. Maven continues to support American Elevator as consultant for the new ownership group.

When we sold our operation in Colorado to SCHINDLER in 2021, Maven Group set up a competitive bid process and guided us through due diligence so that we were able to close this transaction quickly after we decided on a buyer.

Chris Mezosi, PresidentColorado Elevator Solutions, Denver, CO

We thank Maven Group for their support over many years during which they gave us invaluable advice on how to grow our company. When we sold the business to 3PHASE Elevator/Berkshire Partners in 2021, the team at Maven provided calm and comprehensive guidance throughout the entire transaction and helped us stay the course until the finish line.

Dustin BozekPresident, West Virginia Elevator, Charleston, WV

We sold our company to ELCON in 2018 and went from being a merrit shop to a unionized company. Maven Group’s advice was crucial in helping us structure a unique deal that will benefit both parties for years to come.

Mark DeWittPresident and Owner of Traveler Elevator, Jacksonville, FL