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“Over the last 30 years, we have established TEI Group as the largest independent elevator company in New York City. We engaged Maven Group before we partnered with Analogue Holdings Limited, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators based in Hong Kong. Maven Group’s expertise was invaluable throughout this marquee transaction which will undoubtedly leave an impact on the elevator industry in North America. We look forward to working with Maven Group on future acquisitions of high-performing and properly positioned independent elevator companies around the US.”

Mark GregorioPresident of Transel Elevator & Electric, Inc. (TEI Group), New York, NY

“When Skydeck Capital acquired a minority stake in Urban Elevator Service, Maven Group helped us through the entire process from start to finish while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Maven’s team took the time to understand what we really wanted, created a tailored marketing process, and guided us from initial negotiations until closing day. It was crucial to have an experienced advisor by our side throughout the stressful and challenging process commensurate with a sizeable transaction.”

Rene HertsbergCEO, Urban Elevator Service, IL, IN, TX, AZ, CO, and Treasurer of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) 2020-2022

“I had been in touch with Maven Group for a few years to better understand industry dynamics before we engaged them as advisors in 2023 when we sold our two companies to ESI / Carroll Capital. Their knowledge and relationships informed us on potential options and helped us decide on the best timing to support our future goals. After being introduced to a buyer with aligned values, Dominik Sachsenheimer and Carson Bombara provided hands-on guidance throughout the entire process and kept all parties on the path towards the common goal of building an impactful business that will create value for our employees and customers.”

Justin SchultePresident of A-1 Elevator Service & Pinnacle Elevator, New Orleans, LA

“We engaged Maven Group in 2021 when we sold our three portfolio companies based in Ontario, Canada to TK Elevator: Bay Elevator, Direct Elevator and True Canadian Elevator Maintenance. Maven Group’s unique connections throughout the elevator industry allowed us to identify the best buyer at the end of a competitive bid process. We thank Maven for their measured and thoughtful guidance from the time they brought our three companies to market until closing.”

Elroy GustPresident and CEO of Newlook Capital based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

“After 3 decades in business, we merged with Axxiom Elevator / Gauge Capital in 2023. We entrusted Maven Group with the sale of our business because we have known Dominik Sachsenheimer for 10 years. By drawing on his extensive network of industry professionals, he connected us with potential buyers we would not have known to contact otherwise. We never imagined getting the opportunity to become the platform investment for an exciting new venture like Axxiom Elevator. Maven's Carson Bombara calmly guided us through the diligence process, and we could not have closed this deal without Maven Group expertly navigating all the challenges inherent in a transaction of this magnitude.”

Rose and Joe PortelliOwners of Motion Elevator, Margate, FL

“We sold our company to American Elevator Group (AEG) in 2022. Working on a merger in times of general economic uncertainty and tightening credit markets added various layers of complexity to the always demanding processes of diligence and closing a transaction. We couldn’t have mastered these tasks without Maven Group’s measured mitigation and advice which ultimately helped all parties achieve their respective goals.”

Sean MaddenPresident of Madden Elevator Co, Louisville, KY and President of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) 2023/24

“We could not have sold our company to SCHINDLER in 2018 without Maven Group guiding us through the process. Dominik and Bill set up a very competitive bid situation between various potential buyers. Thanks to their preparation we went through a smooth diligence process without any of the problems of which we heard from other owners who were in similar situations without committed professional help.”

Ben BoesenOwner of Boesen Plumb Elevator Solutions in Wichita, KS

“We have always focused on running a tight ship and on keeping our books in order long before we even thought of selling our business. But when we closed our deal with OTIS in 2018 we really needed Maven Group’s industry expertise to make it all happen. Dominik and Bill not only provided great advice throughout the entire process but offered hands on help on all the little details from day 1 throughout closing.”

Sharon BlockOwner and CEO of Elevator Solutions, LLC in Hagerstown, MD

“I engaged Maven Group twice: When I bought Elevator Service, Inc. in 2016 and when I sold the Company to Carroll Capital in 2019. Maven Group was instrumental in the successful investor engagement, negotiation, due-diligence, and closing. Dominik Sachsenheimer has tremendous command of the industry, knows the right potential qualified partners, and skillfully navigates the complexities of an acquisition. Professional, competent, and engaged, at each phase of the process Maven exceeded expectations.”

Nate McFaddenPresident of Elevator Service Inc, Grand Rapids, MI, voted ‘Michigan’s EPIC Veteran-Owned Business of the Year 2017’

“After thoroughly researching selling my elevator business myself, and interviewing multiple experienced investment bankers in the industry, Maven Group was the clear choice when I went to market in 2021 and ultimately sold my company to 3PHASE Elevator. I had high expectations based on the Maven reputation and those expectations were far exceeded. After delivering a targeted set of qualified buyers whose plans for the company aligned with where I wanted to see it go, Maven Group followed through with meticulous management of LOI negotiations, due diligence, and closing while constantly looking out for my interests every step of the way in areas I would have overlooked.”

Ben RizzoPresident, Hadfield Elevator, Pittsburgh, PA

“We truly cannot thank Maven Group enough for their calm, discreet, and often humorous support throughout this endeavor. Dominik Sachsenheimer and Carson Bombara took the time to understand our personal values before tailoring a sales strategy to our specific needs so we could find the best partner to carry on our legacy. After we decided on Axxiom, Maven Group was essential in coordinating the due diligence process and guided us, our attorneys, and our accountants through every aspect of the detailed and nuanced negotiations until the transaction closed. Dominik and Carson work smoothly and professionally, and while each possess highly refined and unique abilities, as a team they merge these individual skills into a synergistic model of utmost value. We are excited that our personal dreams as well as the long-term well-being of our staff are actualized with this successful transaction. We are deeply grateful to Maven Group, and to Dominik Sachsenheimer and Carson Bombara in particular.”

Laura and Bill MullenOwners of Ironhawk Elevator operating in AZ and NM

“We engaged Maven Group in 2020 and sold our business to Slade/SCHINDLER. Dominik and Bill prepared us during various in-person meetings and helped us select the best buyer by creating a competitive bid environment. They also guided us through the diligence process and supported our attorney at all the critical junctions of the transaction. We could not have sealed the deal without Maven Group’s professional help!”

Mike RyanPresident, Clifton Elevator Service Co (CESCO), New Plainfield, NJ

“We had worked with Maven Group on various residential elevator transactions in the past, so we were very confident in their ability to help us when we sold our commercial maintenance portfolio to 3PHASE Elevator in 2022. The Maven team did an amazing job finding the perfect match for our customers and got the deal done in an unusually quick timeline.”

Tim FischerCEO Southeast Elevator, Fort Pierce, FL

“I want to thank Maven Group for their support when I sold Trenton Elevator in NJ to American Elevator Group in 2023. As a business owner challenged with so many daily demands from customers and employees, I couldn’t have completed this transaction without professional advice. Maven Group’s Carson Bombara helped me organize my financial records and guided me through due diligence and purchase agreement negotiations, all the way to the finish line on closing day.”

Jim LoeschPresident of Trenton Elevator, Trenton, NJ

“We sold portions of our company to DELAWARE Elevator in 2018 and to AREA ACCESS in 2019. Dominik’s and Bill’s guidance and assitance throughout the journey was truly invaluable.Thank you both again for everything you did!”

Beth ClarkeOwner of Eastern Elevator, Winchester, VA

“We hired Maven Group twice: When we sold our Colorado business to SCHINDLER in 2021, and then again in 2023 when we sold our company in Arizona to AXXIOM Elevator / Gauge Capital. In both cases, we were very impressed with Maven Group’s extensive network of connections throughout the elevator industry which enabled us to run a competitive and efficient bid process with a diverse group of potential buyers. Once the Maven team helped us decide on the best partner for our specific goals, they provided hands-on support during the demanding due diligence process and they stayed with us through all the complex legal negotiations until closing day.”

Chris MezosiPresident of Arizona Elevator Solutions, Phoenix, AZ, President of Colorado Elevator Solutions, Denver, CO

“We hired Maven Group for various consulting projects over the years, so I never thought twice about teaming up with them when I sold my company in 2021. We could not have closed our transaction with American Elevator Group without Maven Group’s help. Professional, honest, straight forward, Maven kept us ahead of the game from the first conversations with potential buyers until closing.”

Ryan ColeyOwner, Right Way Elevator Maintenance, St. Petersburg, FL, voted ‘Best Veteran-Owned Business 2019’ by Elevator World Magazine

“We partnered up with Southwest Elevator and Align Capital Partners in 2020. Maven Group helped us find the right strategic partner to grow our business, guided our team through all negotiations and managed the diligence process. While we negotiated our own deal, Maven also advised us on the buy-side as we simultaneously acquired Avery Elevator in Washington DC. Both transactions closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and we thank Dominik and Bill for being in our corner throughout these challenging times!”

John MarshallPresident of Action Elevator Company, Millersville, MD

“When we sold our company to STANDARD ELEVATOR SYSTEMS in 2022, we were adamant to engage Maven Group as our sell side advisor based on various recommendations from renown industry veterans – and yet the Maven team far exceeded our already high expectations from day one until closing. This transaction could have derailed at various junctions of the process, but Maven Group’s thoughtful interventions kept us all on track. We really couldn’t have closed this deal without them, so the entire McIntosh family and I simply want to say: Thank You!”

Peter McIntosh SrPresident of McIntosh Industries, Hillside, NJ

“Our company had been the focal point of our family for decades and it was difficult for me, my siblings, and our mother to decide that it was time to sell in 2023. Maven Group provided unwavering guidance throughout the entire journey, we owe Dominik Sachsenheimer and his team a debt of gratitude.”

Pooneh MianabiA&F Elevator, Dallas, TX

“Maven Group’s support was invaluable when we sold our company to American Elevator Group in 2021: Their team initiated a very efficient marketing process tailored to our unique situation as service provider for industrial elevators. After receiving various attractive offers, Maven Group helped us select the best partner and competently guided us through the diligence process until closing while being available for questions and advice 24/7. We thank everyone involved for facilitating this transaction in such a professional manner.”

Tom ThatcherPresident of American Service Group, Rockport, IN

“Thanks to their unique perspective on the industry, Maven Group played a crucial role when we sold our company to 3Phase Elevator / Fort Point Capital in 2019. We are very grateful for their advice and guidance throughout the process.”

Steve BlevinsPresident of Excel Elevator & Escalator Corp, NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, MD, DC, VA, FL

“While Vice President for OTIS Elevator, with responsibly covering the Midwest United States, I had the good fortune to work with Dominik Sachenheimer. Dominik provided financial leadership and oversight and served as a true business partner. There are very few in the industry who understand the ins and outs of an elevator company’s operational and financial needs better than Dominik who continuously demonstrated strategic leadership paired with rigorous attention to detail allowing him to guide senior executives, branch managers, sales staff and supervisors alike in over 25 states across the country.”

David BeckettFormer Vice President, OTIS Elevator

“When we sold our company to HYPERION Solutions in 2022, Maven Group became an invaluable asset for my team during this process. Selling a family business to a seasoned team of private equity professionals can be overwhelming. Dominik Sachsenheimer functioned as my constant sounding board, helped me, my family, and my accountant on many of the diligence streams, advised on contract terms, calmly provided the 30,000ft perspective when minutiae became hotly contested, and ultimately pushed all the right buttons to move this transaction across the finish line.”

Carlos Escobar Jr.President Titan Machine Corp., Long Island City, NY

“We sold our company to ESI / Carroll Capital in 2023 and want to thank Maven Group for their countless contributions to this transaction. Dominik Sachsenheimer and Carson Bombara understood what was most important to us and utilized their unique industry connections to introduce us to various interested buyers, of which ESI emerged as the perfect long-term partner for our company. Throughout the entire process, Maven Group helped us at every junction of the journey, from our very first meeting all the way to the finish line”

Sue HansonPresident of Metro Elevator, Minneapolis, MN

“We thank Maven Group for their support over many years during which they gave us invaluable advice on how to grow our company. When we sold the business to 3PHASE Elevator/Berkshire Partners in 2021, the team at Maven provided calm and comprehensive guidance throughout the entire transaction and helped us stay the course until the finish line.”

Dustin BozekPresident, West Virginia Elevator, Charleston, WV

“We sold our company to ELCON in 2018 and went from being a merrit shop to a unionized company. Maven Group’s advice was crucial in helping us structure a unique deal that will benefit both parties for years to come.”

Mark DeWittOwner and President of Traveler Elevator, Jacksonville, FL

“I sold my company to OTIS in 2016. Without Dominik’s guidance I would have found the whole process overwhelming and might have walked away from the deal several times. He stayed calm, always pointed me in the right direction and went way beyond what I had expected. I tried to sell my business before but a deal fell through. Dominik’s balanced approach and mitigation between all parties enabled us to close a transaction that was the best for me and my family.”

Sue SchulzOwner and President of Central Elevator, Portage, MI

“We owe Maven Group a debt of gratitude. Their team helped us tremendously when we sold our company to Urban Elevator in 2021 in a transaction between our non-union company and a unionized buyer.”

Allen SteedOwner, Aventura Elevator, Miami, FL

“Maven Group helped us tremendously when we sold our company in 2019. Dominik and Bill brought various bidders to the table and we ultimately decided to go with a non-traditional buyer. Maven guided us through every step of the process by ensuring open communication with everyone involved in the project. We couldn’t have gotten this done without their industry knowledge and their connections!”

Rod BarrettOwner of American Elevator, Inc, Anderson, IN

“We thank Bill and Dominik for all their help when we sold our business in 2019. They organized all our data and set up one on one meetings with a wide array of potential buyers. During the stressful last phase when push came to shove, their perspective and guidance were much appreciated and needed, they really helped us stay the course until the finish line.”

Rod EricksonOwner, Applied Elevator Service & Sales, Denver, CO

“Having known Dominik while working closely with him during the acquisition of Coastal Elevator Service by OTIS in 2011, I have always been impressed with his clear vision and ability to get the job done.”

John DeVincentisOwner, Coastal Elevator, Jacksonville, FL