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The National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) hosted their annual Educational Spring Conference in Tuczon, AZ from April 18th through 21st, 2021 and asked Dominik Sachsenheimer, President of Maven Group, LLC to share his thoughts on private equity firms as new players in the elevator industry.

The event was well attended as indutsry leaders from unionized and non-union service companies as well as manufacturers from all parts of the United States gathered for an hour long presentation and analysis of recent trends specific to mergers & acquisitions in the elevator space.

During the interactive presentation and the ensuing Q&A, many participants shared their perspective on the current market situation. NAEC received very positive feedback from the attendees regrading Sachsenhehimer’s thoughtful and thorough analysis as well as his ability to respond to many of the ad hoc questions thanks to his unique industry insight. The internationally recognized publication “Elevator World” commented positively on the event in gereral and specifically Sachsenheimer’s educational session in their
July 2021 edition: NAEC’s 2021 Educational Conference – Elevator World

Given the high level of interest in the topic by senior leaders of the industry, NAEC’s board of directors is considering to offer regular updates and further educational sessions on M&A developments during future conventions and conferences.

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